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What are Pokémon Card Breaks?

With the rising interest in the hobby and a limited supply of cards on the market, finding cards on your own can prove both difficult and costly. Doing “a break” allows you to get cards from packs and boxes at a fraction of the cost that the full product normally sells at in the online secondary market.

Similarly to sports cards, there are a number of ways that Pokémon breaks can be run.

In its simplest form, you can usually find breakers that will open a full box for you that you cannot find in locally stores in as “a break”. They will sleeve and case your hits and mail the package to you within a reasonable time frame. Other common breaks can include anywhere from a couple of packs to a number of boxes and can include a various number of participants.

For example, a break can include one box - let’s say an Elite Trainer Box: Sword & Shield that sells for $100 online.

This box contains 8 packs, so it could be an 8 person break at $12.50 each (8 x $12.50 = $100) where each person is randomly assigned a pack and they will randomize the packs on livestream, open the pack, show you your cards, sleeve them, and send them to your residence.

This same break could also be done with 4 people and each person would pay $25.00 and receive 2 packs, and so on. In another form, this break could be done with any number of people and each person could randomly receive an element, for example, “fire”. So the elements would be randomized on livestream and you receive “fire”. All 8 packs are then opened and all the “fire” element cards would be yours and thus sent to you. Breakers like to get creative with breaks incorporating a number of sizes and structures so that buyers can find the break(s) that work the best for them. Please reach out to us or any of the breakers (they are super friendly) if you have any other questions on breaking.

Want to Join a Pokémon Break with verified Breakers? Check out our weekly schedule!

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Christopher Orellana
Christopher Orellana
25 feb 2022

Those are so cool can I have one..🇺🇸😔😫🥺😦..

Mi piace
Christopher Orellana
Christopher Orellana
25 feb 2022
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Hey Juan those are so cool can I have one 😔😞😕😬🥴

Mi piace
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