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Supplies you NEED when sending your cards for grading

Before you can realize the full value of your Pokémon cards, you'll need to send them in for authentication (also known as grading) to PSA or Beckett.

If you're one of those people like us that kept your best cards in glass cases or a well kept booklet, you'll need to remove them before the grading process - a nerve wracking experience to say the least!

Here are the MUST HAVE items:

1. Top Loaders: each card will need to placed in a hard plastic case known as a top loader. This helps you get the HIGHEST grade possible by protecting your card during transit.

Shop on Amazon: Set of 25, Set of 100

2. Plastic Sleeves: some extra protection! We place first place our cards in these sleeves so they are easier to place in the top loader (and easier for the grader to pull out).

Shop on Amazon: Set of 100, Set of 200

3. Bubble Wrap: don't forget some cushion. We bubble wrap all of our cards to help with the bumps and bruises that can result from the mailing process.

Shop on Amazon: 2 ft of bubble wrap

4. Small cardboard box: The smaller the box the better, depending on how many cards. Sometimes we even put a box inside a box. Almost like box inception.

Shop on Amazon: Small cardboard box

Or for a SPECIAL BONUS, just put the cards in a Poke Ball! We've heard a wild rumor this guarantees you a 10! Although, we can't promise it's a reliable source.

There are a few other items we can recommend or of course email and we can do the heavy lifting for you!

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