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Weekly Pokemon Card Breaks

Can't buy your own packs or boxes? We can help!

What are Pokemon Card Breaks?

Not everyone can afford a sealed pack or box of Pokémon Cards. 

That's where Pokémon Card Breakers come in. Breakers buy up packs and boxes and allow you to "buy-in" to a live drawing of cards that YOU can own for a fraction of the retail value. These drawings also increase your chances of pulling MINT 10 cards!

Where do the Pokémon Nice Guys come in? 

We're partnering with trusted Pokémon Card Breakers so you can pull that 1st Edition Zard you've always wished you could have!

Pokemon Card Breaks

How can I join a Pokemon Card Break?


Sign up to  join a LIVE Pokemon Card Break

Below you'll find our weekly schedule of Breaks from our trusted partners. Just visit the link next to the break you signed up for and mention the Pokémon Nice Guys to gain access!


Buy in to the Card Break!

Each Card Break will have a different cost of buy-in, which will depend on the available packs or boxes. Breaks can be as little as $5 all the way to $100+.


Start off slow, or go big!  


Watch your Break LIVE

Each Break will be hosted through a live stream where you'll be able to see which card(s) are pulled on your behalf. 

Sit back, grab that popcorn, and get lucky!


Receive your cards

Your Breaker will open, sleeve, and send your cards - it's as easy as that.

Don't forget to reach back out to the Pokémon Nice Guys to help with grading and sale of your new cards!

Join Pokemon Card Break

Pokemon Card Break

Upcoming Schedule

April 17
Saturday 9:00 pm EST

sun and moon.jpg

6x Sun & Moon 2 Pack Blister Boxes (6 spots, $25/each)  


Break Details
• Each person receives 2 packs at random
• Valuable cards are sleeved and cased and all cards are shipped directly to you

• Hosted by Mikes Poke Shop

Comment on the IG Post to Join

Card Break Schedule

*Subscribe to our Youtube Channel  below to see our past Pokemon Cards Breaks

Pokemon Card Breaks - LIVE Stream

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Live Stream

We run weekly Pokemon Card Breaks with our trusted Breakers, sign up below to stay tuned on timing!

Contact Us

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Pokemon Card Break? 

submit the below form or email us at 

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