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Pokémon Cards

Let us help you find out what your cards are worth 

About Us

We are just two normal guys who stumbled upon an obsession in our younger years. Little did we know that our lives would come full circle. 


It all started with our re-discovery of Pokémon cards value with our rare 1st edition Charizard Pokémon Card (aka the Zard) that we sold for 4000x our initial investment! Read more on our stories in our blog and follow us on social.   


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About Us
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How To Submit Your Cards

The hardest part, outside finding all of your long lost cards, is knowing if your Pokémon Cards have value. 

That's where we come in.  We know your Pokémon cards worth. 

We've been through the hard research, learned the ropes of the small but tight knit selling community, and can turn your long-held Pokémon Cards into cold hard cash! 

Just submit your contact details and will get back to you with simple instructions to value your Pokémon cards.

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What Do We Sell?

What Do We Sell?

It's not just Charizard, Blastoise, and Pikachu Pokémon cards that have value, but here are some categories to look out for: 

  • 1st edition (both holograpic and non-holographic) Pokémon cards

  • Base set Pokémon cards

  • Trainer cards 

  • Error Pokémon cards 

  • Japanese Pokémon cards (a select few

  • Not sure? Will let you know 


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